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Generator Sales and Services

We can provide you with pricing, options, warranty and maintenance on your stand-by generator products. Don’t be left in the dark or cold during the next power outage.

How It Works 

A home backup generator senses a power outage, turns on automatically, and delivers backup power to your whole home or just the basic priority circuits of your choice. (Heat, hot water, refrigerator, kitchen outlets, basic lights and television or radio) It will run until utility power returns - whether that's two hours or two weeks.

1. Utility power is lost

Perhaps it's a storm. Maybe it's an equipment failure. In any case, the electricity you depend on is suddenly gone.

2. Your standby generator senses a problem

Within seconds, your generator prepares to restore your home's power.

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3. The generator turns on - automatically -whether you're home or away

Within a few seconds, it is up to speed and generating electricity.

4. Your electricity is restored

The automatic transfer switch sends generator power to your home. And it will continue until utility power returns.

Don’t let your loved ones get left in the dark during the next power outage!

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We can provide you with generator options and pricing, as well as warranty and maintenance information on all your generator products. Rest assured knowing we’ll keep your family safe and comfortable, all year round.